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With many of my immediate festival family members driving across the country to Hulaween in Suwannee, FL for what I am considering the official END of outdoor festival season, I sit and ponder to myself what a great season it has been. I review over all of the material I have shot, all of the great music I have witnessed, and most of all the people I have met throughout this entire journey. I am one very happy and amazed festy goer. I don’t really know how I managed to pull off this run, but in hindsight I got nothin but smiles. Here’s the Pun-Recap of my journey of four major festivals in one summer starting with:

Summer Camp Music Festival 2013

Summercamp Music Festival 2013

Being a Summer Camp Counselor in training opened more doors for me as a blogger than any past experience has. I feel that the Camp Counselors have an even greater chance at direct impact on the media aspects of Summer Camp than anyone who was official media. They gave me so much opportunity to shine as a blogger and to meet a lot of my favorite musicians on the planet to boot. I got a real good look on the operations behind how things roll and I hope to continue lending a helping hand for years to come. The family of folks behind the scenes that run this amazing event really do a great job at trying to make every year at Summer Camp better and better. It was an inspiring thing and it really brought out some of my best energy this year. It was a rainy year, but it didn’t stop me from running with my camera through a downpour to get to the VIP tent for amazing once in a lifetime performances or to the red barn for Everyone Orchestra shows that blew minds. A lot of love was shared.

Mountain Jam Music Festival 2013

This was the first time I ever drove out of the state by myself to a festival. This was also the longest I have ever driven to enjoy a fest. I truly enjoyed my time and experience at Mountain Jam. It is a very beautiful festival experience being literally on the side of a mountain. It was also another rainy weekend, but everyone still made the best of the weekend. This was the only festival I had no media obligation to. I just enjoyed myself and my friends all weekend long. 🙂

  Mountain Jam 2013Mountain Jam 2013

Electric Forest Festival 2013

Being from Michigan this is my home festival. I have been enjoying this venue since 2008 at the first Rothbury Festival. Every year since 2011, I have had the amazing opportunity to shoot highlight videos for the people at the festival with photo and video credentials. I attempt to trump myself every year and this year was really special for not only myself, but many of my festival family as well. It instilled an assurance that Rothbury really is one of the coolest venues and it lives up to the crazy expectation of bettering itself every year.

Lockn’ Festival 2013

This amazing festival popped up as a blip on the radar right away for me, as the line-up was just something that couldn’t be ignored. The amazing amount of epic jam they brought to the table sparked my interest enough to apply for media and led me to making the trek all the way from MI to Arrington, VA. I am really glad that I did because it allowed me to really have a once in a lifetime chance as a photographer to get as many amazing photos as I possibly could. The stages weren’t too large for my lenses and it really broadened my portfolio out. I couldn’t have been happier to be shooting some of the most amazing photos that I have to date. Here are a few of my favorites.

   Lockn' Music Festival 2013Lockn' Music Festival 2013

– Michael Kang w/ Zac Brown

Overall I couldn’t be happier with all of the amazing experiences I have had this year. With winter approaching quickly, everyone bundles up with anticipation for announcement and dates for what is to come next season. I know I am excited to shoot a few indoor local events to keep my festy gland from tingling out of control. I hope everyone finds a way to keep themselves at bay as we await the amazingness that is festival season 2014!!!