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We’ll start off Thursday right with a Porch Fire first thing, which should warm everyone up after a long wait in line. After that we’ll make our way down to Fletcher’s Grove, where we’ll experience temperatures in both Fahrenheit & Celcius before catching a nighttime Flightwave directly into the Sun (Stereo).

After that, we’ll be Way Down Wanderers and feeling like New Souls, or even like the London Souls. Whatever, don’t let this Filibusta block your Manic Focus, as we’ll be Prowlin’ into the Henhouse late at night (maybe even with a little bit of Lettuce on top).


Hopefully nobody wakes up to find out they had any Accidentals during Thursday night’s madness, but even if you did, there’s definitely Probcause for it. Just don’t sit around and get too Ripe. Seek out some Aqueous if you must, or even Lil Dicky (I almost made a really bad pun there – yes, even worse than the rest of the puns here, but I’ll spare ya).

Finally we’ll get to listen to a little bit of Late Night Radio (even though it’ll be the middle of the afternoon). But we won’t let that Earphunk slow us down. We’re gonna Test some Liquid with Russ before we see the boys from Umphrey’s McGee. A little bit of Rising Appalachia in between sounds just fine, and there’s always Excision for those who like dinosaurs…

Don’t finish all of your Schwag too early though, as we’ve got Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. Don’t believe me? Fine. Don’t follow my advice, but don’t blame me if you end up having a Nghtmre before morning breaks.


Anyone who is still Spundose(d) from the night before will be able to catch an early start on Saturday. Don’t worry if you don’t, however, Mother Nature will Still Shine and Marchfourth! Unlike Pluto, which offers a Steady Flow of Church Booty, The Wailers actually offer a steady flow of Earphorik music. We’ll get down to our Roots after that with Jackyl (just kidding, it’s Jackal) or maybe even some Bones Jugs (I seriously love those guys).

Either way, moe. is up next, and I’m sure they’ll feature some Slow Magic of their own. Unless you’d rather clean up with a little bit of Soap, put on your Turbo Suit and catch some old school, classic tunes. The choice is yours.


Alright all you Scampers, it’s time to wake up, rage one last time and quit acting like American Babies! Let’s Spread Positive Vibr8ions as we become Funk Hunters and Seek out the Rainbow. We won’t be wasting time Twiddling our thumbs though, we’ve still got an Orchestra that Everyone needs to participate in!

You might even be tempted to seek out some Shelters after that, or maybe even catch another Flightwave. Whatever one comes to Fruition, make sure you bring your Old Shoes because the Mummies are Coming!

Hopefully you known some Kung Fu, or at least have some Horseshoes and Hand Grenades ready. Or you could bust out the Love Canon and turn those Mummies into Goldfish. You could even decide to go Crosseyed & Phishless, just whatever you do, don’t believe the Protohype!


Summer Camp Music Festival 2014