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As 2015 comes to it’s inevitable end, I can’t help but ponder on it’s crazy moments. I would by no means call it the most productive year in Punlive history, quite honestly the content updates have been few and far between lately. I’ve spent most of the year thinking hard about the site’sĀ future and what I ultimately want it to become. I got out to a few events and I spent most of them truly soaking up the experience. When I started this website I had no idea what I was doing but I had a purpose. To share the experiences I had with others in way that helps those who don’t understand… well, understand! What I have learned holds immeasurable value along with the experiences that have come with it all. With all of those experiences over time I have evolved as a human being and as a festival goer. My purposes for attending and the reasons I cover content on Punlive have also evolved. Lately I have spent a fair amount of time feeling without an ultimate drive or purpose. I truly love shooting photos of my favorite musicians while hanging out with some of my best friends on earth, but that is just not enough for my soul anymore.

Moving forward I will be focusing on more of the local Michigan and small music scene. I set out to produce much higher quality pre-meditated content that is set up in advance with the musicians/management. I really want to start producing some videosĀ that emulate some of the awesome things that folks like AudioTree Live, Jam In The Van, and The Bluegrass Situation are doing. I hope to accomplish higher quality take away performances in private locations. I am working towards setting up a few of these now with local artists to get some practice editing and shooting these types of performances. I feel that this type of content really can help an up and coming band have something to share that is viable and high quality. This will help both the band and grow organically.

I will still be continuing to do all the things I have been as well. I won’t quit covering festivals, or shooting photos of my favorite artists, or working behind the scenes with promoters to help out. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world, I am just ready to step things up a notch and start working on a few solid projects a year to help grow into something more viable and well known in the community.

Every follower and fan of has been organically driven to the site. We may not have the most fans or likes, but I can assure you everyone here found it through some organic measure. I have always prided myself on growing the site like that and will continue to stick to that model as much as possible while attempting to bring more folks in. We have never once paid for advertising, nor have we ever monetized a single video clip, and after almost five years of covering content I doubt we ever will. Punlive was never about making any money, just a passion for sharing. With that said I hope to see a lot more of you in 2016. Expect more focus on consistent higher quality content, especially take away performances.